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Welcome to Mumbles and Gower
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The Gower Peninsula is both beautiful and unspoilt, there are many historic features located over an area that measures just sixteen miles by seven miles wide. Notably, Gower was one of the first places designated 'An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' under the Act of 1949. This website aims to highlight and promote the main features and attractions of Gower and the surrounding area, whilst also giving guidance to visitors, helping them to maximise their enjoyment of South and West Wales.
Surfing Guide to Gower


Winter Swell @ Langland Copyright © Chris Gill Jones 2009

Gower has some of the best waves in Britain. Over the past 40 years surf culture grown into one of the most popular sports in the area for men and women of all ages. (The point at Langland has been renamed Saga Point) - Remember: 'Old surfers never die, they just drop in on a longboard /paddle board !

The location of Gower and general aspect make it one of the best surf areas in the UK. The fact that it is a peninsula helps and means that there are plenty breaks to choose from depending upon the conditions . The main factors when deciding where to go are 1) Swell size and direction, 2) Wind speed and direction, 3) Tide timetables and height of the tide. LLangennith faces directy out to the atlantic and pics up swell before the other beaches. The prevailing wind direction for Gower is a westerly and this can push up the swell size. As a rough guide, Llangennith needs to be about 4-5ft for Langland and Caswell to get a 2-3ft wave.

For More information on more beaches visit the Gower Beach Guide


Aberglasney House and Gardens

Aberglasney House and Gardens in Wales

Spectacularly set in the beautiful Tywi valley of Carmarthenshire, Aberglasney House features one of the finest gardens in Wales. Aberglasney Gardens have been an inspiration to poets since 1477. The story of Aberglasney spans many centuries, but, the house's origins are still shrouded in obscurity.

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Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula

“I grew up on the edge of the Gower, but it was still a holiday place for our family. We’d go on weekend breaks to Three Cliffs Bay – six miles down the road! That’s how gorgeous it is.....“My auntie kept a little caravan on the clifftops, and I spent long summer days there with my dog, digging out boats in the sand and sitting in them, waiting for the tide to come in. .... “I’m biased, I know, but my view is not just about sentimentality: the bay really is beautiful, with three curious crags of triangular limestone jutting out into the waves, like pyramids. You can walk right underneath them, through a rocky archway to the shore.“There’s a bit of everything: the sea, the cliffs, the salt marshes, a meandering stream curling down to the sea – and Pennard Castle, an 800-year-old fort tucked behind the beach. It’s in picturesque ruins, perfect for mooning about in. Sometimes you even see wild horses cantering along the sands. Talk about romantic. ..... “It may seem a strange thing to say about a beach, but to me Three Cliffs always feels so intimate and cosy. It gives me the feeling of being hugged. I take friends there whenever I’m home, and every time I’m struck by the magic of it again. It still takes my breath away.” ......





Mewslade Bay near Rhossili



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