Southgate and Pennard Cliffs
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The village of Southgate is included within the boundaries of Pennard vilage, which has spread from as far as Kittle along the cliffs to High Pennard above Pwlldu Bay.

Pennard Cliffs covers a distance of two miles from Pwlldu Head in the east to Three Cliffs Bay in the west. The cliff top walk offer dramatic scenery along the south coast of Gower, and on a clear day views across the Bristol Channel to Devon.

There is a National Trust car park at Southgate, which is the starting point for walks, there is a general store and also a coffee shop.

Pennard Cliffs Copyright © 2003 Julian Herbert

Pobbles and Three Cliffs Bay Copyright © 2003 Julian Herbert

There are spectacular views along the coast, from the cliffs above Pobbles, across to Three Cliffs Bay and towards Oxwich. There is a short steep descent to the beach. At low water you can access Three Cliffs across the sand, but beware of the incoming tide, you won't be stranded, just have a long walk back.

You should not atempt to swim in Three Cliffs Bay at high water as there are dangerous currents near the river. If you want to swim do so at low water, when it is safe.

Follow the stream up the valley, you will see Pennard Castle up above you, there are stepping stones to cross the stream.

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