Dylan Thomas - The Boat House at Laugharne

In 1938, Dylan came to Laugharne. The 5 months spent there were amongt he happiest and most productive of his life, writing prose and poems, notably pieces collected in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog.Laugharne has surprising artistic connections. Richard Hughes, the novelist and author of A High Wind in Jamaica, lived in Castle House, while Charles Morgan, a prominent writer and critic, and Augustus John, the eminent painter, visited regularly.

In 1938, Richard Hughes found long term accommodation for Dylan and Caitlin, firstly in "Eros" and then "Sea View". Dylan and Caitlin returned in May 1939, and then again in early 1940. From december 1940 they lived in Castle House, and Dylan wrote in the summerhouse perched on the ol castle walls.For many years Dylan lived in houses provided by Margaret Taylor, this includes the Boat House that was purchased in 1949. Water and electricity supplies were installed and Dylan and Caitlin moved in May 1949. After Dylan's death. Margaret Taylor put the house in trust for Caitlin and the children. In 1973 Caitlin sold the house, and in 1975 it was opened as a memorial to Dylan Thomas.



On the way to the Boathouse you will pass the iconic Writing Shed where Dylan wrote many of hid great works, including sections of his best known work, Under Milk Wood.


Literature, stunning estuary views, food and drink are all available at the Boat House. Well informed staff are available to answer questions and make your visit complete. Dylan Thomas described Laugharne as ..... " a mild beguiling island of a town".

There is an admission charge:
Open: May - October and Easter weekend. 10am - 5.30pm.
Unfortunately this venue is not suitable for wheelchair access.
We are also open from November to April, from 10.30am to 3.30pm, except Christmas week.

The Boat House was notoriously damp and cold. During their earlier stays in Laugharne, Dylan and Caitlin dreamed of living there. You will approach it from the centre of Laugharne, this is approximately a 400 metre walk. Take the path under the castle that skirts the river Taf. From the Parlour you look out on the landscape from which Dylan drew so much of his inspiration. Across the river, just over the horizon, stand Blaen Cwm, Llansteffan and Fern Hill, the farm that has become a symbol of childhood innocence and of the inexorable march of time.

On the far horizon, lie Gower and Worms Head where Dylan set one of his most powerful short stories. In front of you lies Sir John's Hill, the inspiration for one of his most magnificent poems.

Unfortunately this venue is not suitable for wheelchair access.

Parking is available just off the Grist Square in the centre of the Township. The Boat House is approx 10 minute walk from the Car Park


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